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Business Papers

50.87 KBProcess for a Facility Clearance
125.13 KBValue Generation in Space Programs

Company Information

588.08 KBHolder Aerospace Capabilities Statement
2.62 MBHolder Aerospace Tri-fold Brochure

In the News

95.1 KBAviation Week QuickReach (2006)
57.83 KBNASA RTAPS Award (2010)
96.59 KBNational Space Society Awards (2009)
978.51 KBPopular Mechanics (2008)
1.24 MBPopular Science (2005)

Technical Papers

225.89 KBActive Control of VaPak Systems
375.85 KBAutomotive OF Sensors in Rocket Applications
548.35 KBPlatelet based Active TPS
419.58 KBVaPak Systems Overview
677.61 KBWater HTHL RLV Concept