Holder Aerospace Company Profile

Founded in 2004, Holder Aerospace (HA) is a small business that provides strategy consulting for a broad range of clients in the aerospace industry. With over 50 years of combined experience in all facets of aerospace business, Holder Aerospace can leverage far-reaching professional networks for effective strategic decision making. Holder Aerospace company projects. Holder Aerospace has business experts who speak engineering: we can improve your business success, without compromising technology excellence or innovation. Holder Aerospace has engineering experts who speak business: we develop and manage innovative technological solutions that work within the economic realities of the emerging global space industry.

Holder Aerospace philosophy for succesful strategy.

At Holder Aerospace, we believe that business success lies at the intersection of three critical components:

  • Industry Awareness – Knowledge of customers, competitors, and suppliers is critical to getting business and keeping it. We bring unique contacts and experience leveraging them.
  • Technical Expertise – The right skills for any job must be available in order to get anywhere. Our team brings deep and broad hands-on experience in many technical disciplines.
  • Management – Even with the best plans and expertise, a project’s success depends on effective execution. HA can provide insightful, disciplined management of business and project operations.
  • These factors need to be analyzed within the context of the diverse needs of the organization. HA specializes in looking at the entire business to understand our clients’ objectives, and then finding solutions through the application of these three areas of knowledge.