Proposal Development

For specific high-value opportunities, Holder Aerospace can assist you in developing a winning proposal. We will help you develop and execute a detailed capture strategy that maximizes win probability:

Win Strategy Development

  • Construct and execute a contact plan to obtain crucial pre-proposal intelligence
  • Determine key decision-makers and their priorities
  • Develop overall customer priorities, moving beyond what the solicitation says to what the powerful decision-makers are really looking for
  • Review competitive landscape to determine optimal positioning and identify discriminators which show the customer “why you and not someone else”
  • Select teammates/vendors to strengthen any perceived weaknesses
  • Outline specific themes and messages to deliver in the proposal and as part of the contact plan.
Proposal development process.

Proposal Content & Execution

  • Manage execution of the proposal development effort, including schedule development, subcontractor management, storyboarding, independent technical reviews, and cost proposal development.
  • Define the program management and systems engineering approach for the effort; both are key discriminators in government contracting
  • Optimize the program flow (top-level organization, plan and schedule)
  • Quantitative cost risk analysis for pricing decisions
  • Identify commercial practices which can reduce bid price
  • Recommend customer assistance; helping the customer helps you
  • Support negotiations with the customer and subcontractors